Think you have what it takes to be a Professional Dungeon Master for Camp Dragon?

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How to Become a Professional DM with Camp Dragon Online

If you've been running games with your friends for years you may have what it takes to become a paid dungeon master. When you fill out the form above, you will receive a follow up email with further instructions for how to submit a properly formatted audition. Some things you will need to do as part of your audition:

  • Show technical proficiency in using Zoom and
  • Professional looking audio and video
  • The ability to convincingly voice characters in a dungeons and dragons campaign
  • Effectively communicate the story while managing the technical side of the virtual tabletop gaming platform
  • All it takes to become a professional dungeon master is some creativity, an active imagination, and an eye for detail. If you have these skills, you can take your passion for D&D and turn it into a lucrative job managing games played by dedicated D&D players online.

What is Camp Dragon Online?

Camp Dragon Online is a place where you can play in a professionally designed and written campaign with experienced, professional dungeon masters. You can check out our games page for a schedule, we have multiple games a week that players can sign up for. With a Camp Dragon campaign, players will be immersed into the action using custom video, which brings your adventure further to life. We take everything that makes Dungeons and Dragons great - storytelling, role playing, and improvisation, and opens it up to the world of virtual tabletop gaming through the use of Zoom and

The advantages of playing D&D online are many:

  • Games are easy to find and convenient to join - make friends with other D&D players
  • Camp Dragon takes care of most of the logistics like updating character sheets
  • Games start on time
  • Great for experienced players and beginners

As long as people love playing role-playing games, professional dungeons and dragons game masters will be needed to guide players through epic adventures. If you have the skill to be a professional DM, begin the application process today and let others benefit from your storytelling skills and experience.